Overhead crane at Oakwood Station

You may have noticed, at the intersection of Oakwood Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West, there is now a large steel structure. For the first time ever in Canada, an overhead crane has been assembled on a pile wall above an open excavation. This impressive first is all part of the construction of the Crosstown’s new Oakwood Station. Read more »

Back to School – Safety Tips During Construction

Whether you’re driving or walking to school, keep these tips in mind to ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of others, when you're travelling near construction zones. Read more »

Pedestrian tunnel closures at Yonge & Eglinton

There are four pedestrian tunnels that enable underground access to and from the existing subway station to the four corners of the Yonge-Eglinton intersection. These tunnels are located directly where supports need to be installed, so all four of these tunnels need to be closed. Read more »

Utility Work at Kennedy Station and the Surface Section

The old cliché states that if you dig a deep enough hole, eventually you’ll end up in China. 

If you start digging near a Crosstown construction site, however, you’ll probably encounter sewer pipe, Toronto Hydro lines, or telecom cables long before you find yourself in a different country.  Read more »

Building accessible transit: Inside Leaside Station

Metrolinx is committed to providing fully accessible transportation facilities. The Crosstown stations and vehicles will be in compliance with the municipal and provincial guidelines. We are committed to removing barriers for all transit users. We can look to Leaside Station for examples of how this is being applied to the Crosstown LRT project.  Read more »

Pulling back the curtain on the MSF

One of the most significant components of the future Mount Dennis Station will be the adjacent Eglinton Maintenance & Storage Facility (EMSF) on the site of the former Kodak lands.

You have already heard about what the final site will look like, but where are we on that journey to completion? Read more »

What is Dewatering?

With the amount of deep excavation required to build the Crosstown, we’re constantly running into water that could destabilize and flood excavation sites. We solve these problems with "dewatering systems." Read more »

Capturing the Spirit of the Thorncliffe Community at Laird Station

Over three months in the spring of 2017, our contractor, Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS), worked in partnership with the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO) and the PATCH Project (a social enterprise operated by The STEPS Initiative) to develop a mural for the Laird Station construction site. Read more »

Managing traffic during construction

Building 19 kilometres of brand new transit through a busy and densely populated area has its challenges. Traffic disruptions near the construction sites, while frustrating, are unfortunately unavoidable. The project team works with our many community partners to manage traffic during construction and minimize the impacts as much as possible. Read more »

The Essentials: Planning Your Canada 150 BBQ

It’s Canada’s big 150th this year. Have you planned your Canada Day barbecue? Whether it’s your first attempt, or just another in a long tradition of Dominion Day celebrations, we’ve got you covered. Here are the things you’ll need and where to find them local to Eglinton Avenue. On July 1st, don't just grill – be a grillmaster.  Read more »