Work Starts on the Crosstown’s Surface Section

The Crosstown’s 19 kilometres includes a 10-kilometre underground tunnel in its central section, and a nine-kilometre stretch in the east that will run along on the surface.  After years of work on the underground section – including tunneling and now station construction – crews are now beginning preparatory works for the eastern at-grade portion. Read more »

ทํางานคาสิโน มาเก๊าMassive drill rig arrives at Cedarvale Station

In early June, crews assembled a 100-foot drill rig to begin support of excavation (shoring) for the east entrance of the Crosstown’s future Cedarvale Station. Located at Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue, the east entrance, with a footprint slightly longer than a volleyball court, will offer accessible access to both the new LRT line and the TTC’s  University-Spadina subway line.   Read more »

ทํางานคาสิโน มาเก๊าUnderstanding Utility Relocation – the Big First Step

Before we can start building a station, we need to understand the underground world of utilities. There are many utilities in the Eglinton corridor, and we need to work around them or relocate them before we can begin excavation and underground work. Read more »

Keelesdale Station – A Successful First Year

Just over a year ago, the stations construction phase of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project broke ground at the future Keelesdale Station.  Read more »

Understanding the turnback

A “turnback” is a rail crossover that connects the two tracks together allowing the light rail vehicles (LRVs) to change directions as needed. There are a total of 12 turnbacks along the line – seven at stations, and five on the surface section. Read more »

Build a station underneath a running subway? Piece of cake!

At the busy intersection of Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue West, crews are building Cedarvale station. Not only do we need to support the ground and surrounding buildings, but we need to underpin the existing subway line – while it’s still running. It’s nothing our crews haven’t handled before. Read more »

ทํางานคาสิโน มาเก๊าMoving the earth for Toronto’s future transit line

Crews working on the Crosstown are moving 'heaven and earth' – lots of earth – to build the future Avenue Station, one of the 15 underground stations on the new Eglinton line. Read more »

Improving wet utility infrastructure at Fairbank Station

As part of the Crosstown’s stations construction, our crews need to work around existing underground utilities or relocate them, so construction activities do not interfere with essential services. In some cases, this leads to upgraded infrastructure for area residents and businesses. Read more »

Brentcliffe Portal – Next Steps

At the eastern tunnel entrance at Brentcliffe Road, work is ramping up to transform the site into the transition point between the underground and surface portions of the line.  Read more »

How we mitigate to reduce the construction noise level

Sometimes the most disruptive construction activities for residents living near a work site are not from heavy machinery digging up dirt or building concrete support walls, but from regular everyday activities, such as workers needing to communicate with each other. A great example is  at the intersection of Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue West, where work has started to pour the concrete slab in the tunnels for the LRT tracks.  Read more »